Wednesday, July 07, 2010


In contrast to last week when I slept with two quilts on the bed, the last three days have been brutally hot and humid - - so uncomfortable that all one wants to do is nothing. It's too hot to get out in the garden; too hot to mow the grass (that's not growing anyway); too hot to do much more than nap all day like the cats. With temps in the upper 90's and humidity at about 95%, finding relief becomes quite a challenge. One really feels sorry for the folks that lived "in the olden days" without fans and air conditioning!

The gosh awful heat, however, can't put a halt to good vibration at The Farm. Oh no! We don't let the heat get us down here. The discomfort of our sticky, sweaty bodies cannot hold a candle to the joy that radiates in our heart when The Farm family comes home for a visit.
Here's the scoop:

1. Lori's home for a couple of weeks from Maui and brings The Farm the gift of her beauty and laughter. She and her sister, Whitney, along with Ann and Juliette (age 2) visited for a good while yesterday morning. Juliette's excitement about going to Grandma Huck's to see the "moo cows" made my heart happy.
2. Unfortunately, Dana had to come home for her maternal grandmother's funeral. Fortunately, that means that The Farm family got to spend some time with Wendy (age 1 1/2/). Grandma T. loves Wendy, and when given the chance to play, many of Eliza's old toys come out of the box and back to life with Wendy.
3. Clark and Charlie Buelow, Jack (age 4) and Lucy (age 2) spent a night with us on the 4th. Jack and Grandma T. rode the tractor for hours while Lucy babbled incessantly, pontificating on life in her own language.
4. Caroline and Joe stayed overnight on their way to a craft show the evening after the Buelows left. Six other friends came over for dinner to see them.....Caroline and I took a walk around The Farm while the Joes hung out, and we cooked up some really good food. Seeing Caroline always refreshes me and reminds me of the blessings of decades of friendship.
5. Eliza's home after a month's stay with her dad !!! Graduation, senior trip, work, preparation for college, hanging out with friends, etc. have filled her summer days with fun and anticipation of new beginnings in Cincinnati. And her Farm Mom's delighted Eliza's back at home for a while....Days with her around are quickly passing...University of Cincinnati, here she comes!!
6. Joe has officially begun his trek to Utah to pick up Paco, Rufus's brother from this year's litter. He and I have cleaned out the basement of the barn and made Paco and any other doggie on the way here a Hilton-esque dog lot. Fresh grass, cool and clean concrete floors, a state of the art doghouse (no WiFi, alas), and chain link fencing await our new Farm resident. Oh how happy we are!
7. From a distance we sense Samuel, Bobbi, and Bella's presence. Farm Mom is applying blatant pressure on the three to get their "tushes" home for a few days. Don't know if that's going to happen or not, but if it does, we'll be really, really happy.
8. Despite the heat and certainly encouraged by Joe's consistent watering, the gardens thrive. Cukes, zukes, and good lettuce are on the table....Yummy

Three hummingbirds hovering outside the window remind me that it's feeding time, so I'll venture out in the 8:00 PM humidity and get a move on. Feeling really at peace and grateful for all that's good in our world here at The Farm.

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