Thursday, July 01, 2010


(Since posting photos has become such a frustration, I'll throw in a couple of my journal entries for good measure....Disclaimer: I don't pretend to be a poet or a writer.....just like to record my thoughts and put enough details of my surroundings on paper to conjure up memories and sensations months later...)

In The Side Yard
Warm, afternoon sun
Deflected a bit by the crabapple branches above.
I sit in my new, comfy lawn chair, savoring
the gentle breeze that neutralizes the heat a bit.
Soft low notes from the wind chimes
allow me to enjoy music brought on by the breeze.
I love their deep, mellow tones.
My lilies are in bloom
across the driveway. All sorts of finches
have devoured another tube of nyger seed
hanging from the chestnut trees near the lilies..
The little birds' splashes of yellow and cranberry complement
the color of my flower gardens.
Kwan Yin smiles serenely from her sandstone block perch,
and she awaits the soft mulch from the chestnut blooms
to be swept around the ferns that thrive in the shade around her.
Butterflies flock to the my K-Mart butterfly bush.
It's surpassed me in height.
The tomatillos thrive in my new planting spot, and
Grandma Shook's dahlia's pushing toward its first blossom.
The intoxicating scent of the brugmansia flowers on the south side of my room
combined with the sweet smell of the lilies outside my bathroom
entice me into a sexy snooze in my lawn chair.
I'm home. It's summer. And there's peace, sweet peace
here at The Farm.
(June 24, 2010)

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