Tuesday, May 26, 2009


There are always flowers at Grandma's in the spring and summer. Until just a few years ago, the lane from the road down to her house was lined every year with dahlias and gladiolas. When I was a little girl, she had beautiful morning glory vines growing up the back side of the house, and my cousins and I used to catch bumblebees that came to gather nectar in them with clothespins.

Grandma's flowers always bring her great pleasure, and now that she can't attend to them anymore, some family members bring her baskets to adorn the porch; however, the old irises, hydrangeas, lilies, and wild flowers she put in the ground years ago still bloom, and in them, so does her soul blossom for all of us.

Porch flowers....a gift from my cousin, Bill, and his wife, Sylvia

Grandma's rhodendron from an old bush that's been in the yard as long as I can remember

Irises Grandma moved 50 years ago to the "new house" from the old homeplace. I think these irises came from her mother's flowers

A lichen bundle that reminded me of sea creatures with their tentacles

The creek bank in Grandma's back yard

Old fashioned hydrangeas - The snow ball bush, as she called it

The old wood stove that came from the old house to the new one and remained in the kitchen for a long time before she got an electric stove

Jars of vegetables, juices, fruits, and jellies Grandma canned years ago still sit on the shelves in the basement


i am very mary said...

Did you bring a few iris bulbs home? I think you should on your next trip...

Story Lori said...

Those jars are my favorite! I can hardly wait to see you soon! Lots of love!