Friday, May 01, 2009


Sure that changes in the workplace mean you're next in line for a shuffle?

Feelin' like the cloud's are never gonna lift?

Wonderin' if you'll ever see the return of those investments that slipped down the tubes right under your nose?

Thinkin' you might have the swine flu?

(Oops....the H1N1 Flu, I mean. Apologies to all the pigs who read Namasté...)

Dreamin' about a vacation you can't afford?

Worryin' about things you know you should worry about?

Fear not; you're not alone.... By all estimates, 98% of everyone we know seems to be in the same pickle / funk.

However, here at The Farm, where we subscribe to the Clousseau, Cato, and Hendrix philosophy of life (" and sleep, ohmmmm....sleep and eat, and sleep.....ohmmmm ), our greatest source of angst at the moment is mud, lots of mud, and the fact that the Farm Mom can't figure out her latest knitting project instructions.

Is it time for a meltdown?


Kristy Vernon said...

I think we all have those crazy frazzled days...some months more than others :). What knitting project are you working on? I just finished making some neck cowls for a festival I'm working next weekend. Also, I wanted to let you know that I got a job at the local community college teaching a section of Spanish. Thanks again for helping me love Spanish! Also, any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated...I'm nervious about it and I don't even teach until the fall :). --Cristina

i am very mary said...

Worry not, there is always the flea market book.