Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This past weekend in Boone was quite a celebration....Mother's Day with Mom, Grandma...Samuel's day in court


The photos tell the story....My mom cried throughout the entire ceremony...The rest of us snoozed as the football coach, who vowed not to give a football pep talk, did exactly that...

(prior to heading to campus...Samuel with his girlfriend, Megan...she's GREAT!)

(My sister, Myra, Sam, Megan, Samuel, in my father's robe, me, Petie, Eliza)

The actual shaking of the college president's hand...

And one happy graduate leaving the gymnasium!!!

(* Here's the court story: Samuel and his roomate went to a party at a friend's house downtown about two months ago. The jokers at the party had been drinking and had firecrackers. Samuel didn't take part in any of the hell-raising, but when the cops showed up, he was the one who acted responsibly, went to the door, and promptly got charged for resisting an officer and possession of pyrotechnics. As a result, he now has 35 hours of community service to work off at Goodwill. That's what you get for being a responsible person who's at the wrong place at the wrong time, I suppose!)

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