Monday, May 26, 2008


From his perch high above the farm in the dying weeping cherry tree, Clousseau oversaw the weekend's activities here at The Farm. What started as a list of 3,000 things to do has now dwindled down to 2,995 chores in waiting, but Eliza and I've had a great time working a little and playing a little each day.

The grass is mowed, and the compost has a new thick layer of grass clippings that'll turn into dirt in the next couple of years. All sorts of seeds got planted here and there, and the beginning tilling of a couple new beds, as well as two old ones, is well underway. Annie and Molly got their first bath of the season, and then promptly rolled in dirt and cow poop to top off their day at the Farm Spa. Several new plants are in the ground, giving the side Buddha garden the most completed look of anywhere on The Farm. I transplanted some datura and daisies in hope that the predicted afternoon rains will encourage them to take root. Most importantly, Eliza and I made a noticeable dent in the proliferation of weeds around the yard.

Foxglove is in bloom,

these pretty pink petunias caught my eye,

and the rhododendron's pretty spectacular.

Hands and feet in the dirt...Flowers in the ground....Three more weeks of school....I'm ready to play on the farm all day!!

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i am very mary said...

I love it! and we can do anything for three weeks...