Thursday, August 09, 2007


9 AM - 08/08/07

7PM - 08/08/07

9 AM - 08-09-07

By dark, this white datura bloom will have wilted away. By tomorrow morning, it will have fallen off the stalk, and the spiny seed pod will start to form. I LOVE growing these exquisite flowers, and I hope the other species I have in the ground will bloom before frost. (I got them started and into the ground a bit late.) Hopefully, I'll have some of the double purple flowers I grew last year, as well as some new varieties I've never seen in bloom.

Would anyone like seeds if I have extras?

(A great source for datura and brugmansia seeds: aka, Jim Johnson, Seedman / 3421 Bream Street / Gautier, MS 39553)

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