Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'm back at The Farm after having been in Miami for 10 days. It's good to be home, but I really miss the tropical beauty of that area and my Cuban friends whom I see only once or twice a year. I am blessed to be loved by so many people there, and I am always energized to continue my human rights work after spending time with so many people who long to return to their native island.

While in Miami, I had the opportunity to see former political prisoners who have become close friends, visit with family members of human rights leaders who still remain on the island, see my goddaughter, Gabriela, and her mom, Rosa, attend a wonderful concert by Carlos & Marta (a duo whose "trova" type music is reminiscent of the 60's folk songs that are re-emerging and popular these days), eat some really succulent Cuban food, spend time in the ocean, have lunch with my former professor, Eduardo Zayas-Bazán, and some of his friends who also participated in the Bay of Pigs, attend a meeting of the Coalition of Cuban-American Women, visit the Casa de los Presos with my friend, Rodolfo San Román, hand out for an afternoon with Laida's daughter, Tania, and do a live, direct interview to Cuba on Radio Martí. Most importantly, however, I got to be with my dear friend, Laida, and visit her mother, Liana, who has had a difficult year and who is now being cared for in a special home not far from Laida's house.

(Liana Prieto Arcia, Laida's mom, & Laida)

(Pepín & Laida Carro - Miami Beach)

The week flew by....I could have stayed much longer! For now, I'm savoring and storing all the memories in an easily accessible file in my mind. They'll come in handy next week as I sit in in-service meetings all day at work!

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