Sunday, May 13, 2007


It's beginning here at the Farm today with rather mundane activities. Tim, my newfound yard assistant, came by to weed-eat the banks I am choosing not to tackle this summer, and I've cleaned out my bathroom and done a couple loads of laundry. It's a beautiful May morning, a little chilly and breezy; nonetheless, the sun's out, the sky's blue, and the Earth is smiling.

No news on the "hatching" scene, but I'm keeping diligent watch on the eggs. I turn them, make sure they're warm, and talk to them frequently.

Later on today, I'll head to campus to meet Dr. Allen Kindt, professor emeritus at Appalachian State University. He's going to perform a Mother's Day Concert. The next best thing to being home with my own mom and grandmom will be listening to him dazzle the audience with his artistry on the piano...After the afternoon, I'll be back here at the Farm, planting a few more things and getting ready for the plumber to come tomorrow to start a huge undertaking in the basement.

In celebration of all mom's today, I give thanks for Petie and Grandma....two of my greatest inspirations and role models....


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