Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I'm sad to report that after three and a half weeks, there's no indication of life in the turkey eggs Annie and Molly brought home, so my thought is that Loonis's and my attempts at hatching the eggs haven't been sucessful. Alas! I really was excited about the prospects of having baby turkeys around.

At one point in time, I did have 3 dozen chickens of all species and a couple of dozen ducks (only one of whom quacked) here on the farm, and although I always had fresh eggs and lots of pretty feathers, I also recall I had a mucho guano piles to avoid and virtually no flowers or garden plants to enjoy, thanks to their voracious appetites.

OK..... change of sentiment... the memory of duck and chicken caca everywhere and no flowers or veggies reminds me I really am not so sad I won't have baby turkeys following me around this summer.

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