Friday, January 26, 2007


I decided to take a few winter photos of the farm this afternoon...Bottom line--I needed to get outside for a while....So, here's what I captured...a close-up of the amaryllis in bloom on our dining room table .....Buddha with his snow crown.....and the peace sign in the back field.
An aside: As I was looking at the peace sign, I had a faint recollection of a protest somewhere in our country this past holiday season about a family who hung a peace sign wreath, done in greenery and decorated with bows and ornaments. Evidently the family's neighbors thought the sign was some sort of symbol connected with the occult.
In order to pacify anyone who might question the intention of our peace sign, I offer the following Farm disclaimer: Those of us who live here at The Farm make no association except PEACE, i.e., the absence of violence or conflict, with the rather large snow-accentuated symbol that graces our back field. (What could be questionable about that? My gosh, wouldn't it be great if our species could come to a greater understanding of peace on every level of our lives?)
And,while I'm at it, for those who might be ponder the spiral that decorates the field below the barn...Well, it had its genesis in my boredom one day last summer as I was mowing and found myself doing donuts with the tractor there. (Tee hee!) And should a huge heart appear in the front field, hmmmm...I'll have to work on my rationale for it.
I'm a little giddy...Eliza's feeling better, it's Friday, I'm off to have a glass of wine, and finally start taking down Christmas decorations.


MaryAnn said...

Love the photos! And I just finally de-ornamented my tree today. You're not alone!

Sam said...

Two things I miss: snow accumulation & winters in Ohio

Being home during a blizzard would be nice. Love you mom.