Wednesday, January 03, 2007


It's already January 3rd, so my greeting is a bit delayed. Nonetheless, I hope everyone is off to a good start in 2007.

The year is off to an interesting start for me...a leaking toilet and shower that are going to require major plumbing efforts (in which I am NOT participating!)...and oversleeping on the first day of class as a result of an electricity snafu that occurred during the night (and yes, it is the truth; my alarm clock really didn't go off! I woke up at 7:45 for an 8:00 class)...

I can't help but contemplate: are there underlying messages for me here? Hmmmm....1) Set my cell phone as a back up alarm clock, perhaps, and 2) get my **** together, literally.... (I have delayed getting the toilet fixed for a while, and now the shower's on the fritz as well). With no extra cash in my checking account, no extra cash in my savings account, no extra cash anticipated on the horizon, and no thought that I'll be winning the lottery, I think the third message to contemplate is getting yet another part-time job. EERGH...

On a totally different note, stay tuned for a look at the best of the Namasté blog from last year, as well as some sort of Blog One-YearAnniversary event, and hopefully, news of my inheriting a huge sum of $$$$$ !!! (Funny how all that cash from the dozens of email lotteries that I've won hasn't arrived in my bank account yet!)


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MaryAnn said...

good golly! have you been blogging a year already?! Wow, that was last year that we sat around the office fiddling with blogs? Really? Did I skip a few months or something? Also, are you as exhausted as I am, after only 1 day?