Sunday, January 07, 2007


WOW!! Where have the last 365 days gone? A year ago today, inspired and assisted by my friend and office mate, Mary Ann, I successfully set up NAMASTE blog and began to "journal" again after years of not being able to get my thoughts organized on paper, on the computer, or in my head, for that matter. This space has become the place where I chronicle the events in my rather small, insignificant niche in the Universe. After the initial hesitation about putting my ramblings out for the entire world to see, I have come to enjoy sitting down to the computer to scribble a few lines from time to time. Beyond "The Farm Family," I have no idea who reads NAMASTE although I have had a couple of anonymous comments over the course of the year. Thanks to those of you who do check in, and a special thanks for not leaving any highly critical or obscene comments! :0) :0)

In celebration of the fact that I have stuck to my commitment to blogging, would anyone like to cast a vote for his/her favorite 2006 post on NAMASTE ? I know what mine is, and I'm interested in others' thoughts. Just leave a comment with this post. I'd really appreciate it! (Actually, this is just a set-up so I can say that people read my blog!) :0) :0) I'll tally the few results, reveal my choice, and begin the 2nd year of NAMASTE with the results of the reader's poll. I'll give it a week or so for folks to have time to check-in and "vote."

Until then, thanks again for reading, and remember to laugh and love your life!


PS: I'm still trying to crack a smile over the broken toilet....eergh! :0) My dear friend, Caroline, suggests that I get the outhouse going again!

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MaryAnn said...

I do so love the photos of the farm flora...those pics always make me smile!