Saturday, December 02, 2006


For some odd reason this morning as I started a MAJOR closet cleaning project, I felt like something was "off" in my body. Shortly after I got everything in my closet heaped in piles on my bedroom door, it became obvious that I had come down with an intense urinary tract infection (I know...thanks for sharing). SOOOOO, rather than being able to finish my project (and let me tell you, it is a HUGE project), I spent a considerable part of the day staring at the piles on the floor, drinking cranberry juice, and debating whether or not I should try to get to a doctor.

About a dozen excruciating trips to the bathroom convinced me that yes, I needed to get my rear end in gear and go to Quick Care. Well, Quick Care is closed on Saturday afternoon, so I headed to Physician Care where the receptionist informed me that I would have a two to three hour wait before I could see the MD. I confess to being a bit grumpy at that point since there were only 2 or 3 sneezing,coughing, and wheezing folks in the waiting room. Then it occurred to me to call a friend who's an MD to ask the huge favor or calling me in a prescription. Thank goodness, David was at home. I went straight to RiteAid, started the meds, and am feeling considerable relief.

Then, I remembered that the Evergreen Arts & Humanities Series had an event scheduled tonight that I needed to attend. Tom Jackson pulled through for me on this one, and while the concert was taking place, I mustered up enough energy to put on my clothes to go pick up Eliza after the high school basketball game.

When I called Eliza's friend's mom, Kim, to tell her I'd be by after the game, she volunteered--no actually insisted--on bringing Eliza home so I wouldn't have to go out. How loving!

Now, some 12 hours later after the onset of UTI, the closet stuff is still heaped on my floor and bed, and I've ingested enough fluids to drain a pond. However, as crappy as I have felt all day, I have been embraced and humbled by the goodness of three people whose assistance and kindness made the day easy for me and enabled me to take some time to rest and feel better.

THANK YOU TOM, DAVID, AND KIM...I'll pay it forward, and I'm here whenever you need me...I am deeply, deeply grateful...


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