Monday, December 11, 2006

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like the Holidays Here at the Farm
The theme of this year's holiday decoration was SIMPLICITY. So, with that beautiful thought in mind, I set about to pull out as few ornaments and decorations as possible. However, once I got into the boxes filled with Farm Christmas memorabilia that's been around for decades, I found it a bit difficult to pick and choose exactly what would be a part of the Simplicity Holdiday Spirit this year.
Bottom line...I pulled out much more "stuff" that I had originally planned to unpack, and the "simplicity" theme readjusted into a "sort of simplicity" idea.
Here's a sample of what one would behold in the house this year...There are several "altar" spaces in honor of angels, the Goddess, my dad and grandmother, and Santa...There's a Christmas tree that has fallen over twice already this year...(Yes, we've officially put up the tree two times now, and yes, it has a rather reworked look to it... Loonis, the cat, would like for me to make a public declaration that she had nothing to do with the tumbling tree...I'm still looking for a conveniently designed Christmas tree stand, one that REALLY does what the instructions say it will NOT let the tree fall over twice!) To officially conclude the holiday decorating frenzy, there will be one more item to complete once Mary Ann comes over tonight and she and I get into a little wine and creative mode...Stay tuned....
So as my little stocking (my very first stocking from my very first Christmas) says...
(And keep your fingers crossed that the tree, which I now have anchored down with a huge piece of iron that normally serves as a sculpture on my living room wall, remains upright!)

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