Wednesday, November 08, 2006


How happy would you be if for your 15th birthday, you put it out to the Universe that the guy you'd really like to go out with asked you out?

Well, just ask Eliza, whose request came true today when her friend Matt became her boyfriend Matt on her 15th birthday! She's so excited she can hardly contain herself!!!!!

As I write this, Matt, his brother, Josh, and Lexie, Eliza's best friend who is also Josh's girlfriend, are downstairs celebrating E's 15th birthday, playing Twister (hmmmmm??) and eating pizza. How cool is it that two best friends are going out with brothers - brothers who really like each other and get along well????!!??

It's been a magical day for Eliza..Friends honored her at school with gifts, and she's gotten several phone calls from friends and family. A really special call was the one she got from Samuel. To continue the celebration, Lexie, her mom, Kim, Eliza, and I are heading to Easton Mall in Columbus on Sunday to do some birthday shopping. It'll be a girls' day and fun, fun, fun...

My memories of Eliza's birth: Exhilaration at meeting my little girl, agony at having pneumonia at that time, a sore body (not so much from the C-section as from the discomfort of coughing all the time), and looking into two little eyes that never stopped gazing into mine.

Fifteen years later, I look into those same eyes and see into the essence of an amazing young woman...incredibly bright, sensitive, caring, compassionate, and beautiful in every way. And, I'm honored beyond words that she chose to incarnate on the planet through me so that we could share our lives as mom and daughter.

Happy Birthday, E! Infinite love.......Mom

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christina said...

a boyfriend?! oh my, she's growing up so fast! miss you guys!