Tuesday, June 03, 2014


...and I'm feeling fine. 

Just got back from North Carolina where I visited with my mom (95.5) and her sister (90).

The sisters are quite a duo and certainly the "stars" of Sunday morning gatherings at the  First Presbyterian Church in Boone, NC.  They're the two oldest members of the church, and Mom is the longest standing member of the congregation.  Their prayers produce miracles, I'm sure.

It's Flame Azalea time in the mountains. Many natives of that region refer to the brilliant orange-flowered bushes as honeysuckle because one can sip the sweet nectar of the flower just as one does the blossoms of the real honeysuckle vine.  Imagine your house surrounded by 10' bushes reflecting this brilliant colors, and you've got my cousins' house.  There's nothing hybrid about these glorious blooms!

I am semi-successful in getting a native NC flame azalea to grow outside my bedroom here in OH.  I'm finding that a morning dose of coffee grounds adds enough acid to the soil to encourage it along.

Back here in OH, the first summer flowers are fading.  My irises have been spectacular, as always....

..., and the Clintonia lilies bloomed after their first winter in OH.  (And a freezingly, cold winter it was!)

The delicate puffs of blooms last about a week or two and then drop seed all around.  I would imagine they could be invasive as they spread with the same rapidity as Lily of the Valley.

I'm lucky to have two places to call home - Boone and here in Marietta, OH.  Both overflow with beauty in the summer, and in both places, the energetics of total and complete happiness surround me year round.  This morning, this happy guy greeted me, and again, I realized how I have nothing about which I can complain.....

It's summer time, and I'm feeling fine!

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