Friday, June 20, 2014


 I'm home after a ten-day working stint in Cincinnati with the Educational Testing Service's annual Advanced Placement Reading.  To say I returned home exhausted is an understatement: yesterday, I wasn't worth a cent, and today, I'm only about a $1.50 value. But, that's an improvement, and I did manage to get my tomatoes staked and the garden cleared of major weeds before the afternoon rain set in.

A lot of growth took place while I was away. I harvested the first zucchini from my container plant; the tomatoes look strong and healthy, despite being a little "spindly," and the potatoes growing from ones I randomly tossed in the compost pile get the farm award for most prolific growth.  Because of my decades of little success with spuds, I wonder if there are real 'taters under those plants or if the luscious leaves are pulling the wool over my eyes. One pot of basil's ready to produce the first round of pesto, and the side yard lilies could open any day.  Most of all, the grass and assortment of weeds experienced a huge (and totally anticipated) growth spurt in my absence, so when rain aborted my afternoon mowing plans, I'm currently "recalculating." Hence, this blog post.

Solstice takes place tomorrow going into Saturday morning - 6:41 AM EDT, to be exact.  I'd like to burn the two years' worth of stuff packed in the fire circle if the weather holds.  The barn's proximity to the fire pit makes for a precarious situation, but it's been damp enough to prevent major sparks, I believe. Other than light a fire and offer a few wishes to the Universe, I think I'll just spend the day in gratitude for all that's right and good in my world. That's a lot, and I'm thankful, for sure.

Today marks the opening of the first sunflower.

And, the Pineapple Lily (Eucomis) I purchased from the Athens Farmer's Market is thriving. 

Finally, here I am (taken a couple weeks ago).  Looks like I have an apple in my eye, but it's only Eliza's car.....


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