Friday, September 16, 2011


Wednesday afternon, I got home early enough to get outside with the dogs and spend some time in the back field.   We had a wonderful walk  on a glorious early fall afternoon.  I've kept the path around the field mowed, so we can walk surrounded by goldenrod and ironweed that's as tall as I am.  The guy who is supposed to bring his tractor hasn't made it to cut the field this summer (although he promises he will), but that's turning out to be just fine with me.  I am enamored by the color combination of the brilliant goldenrod
yellows, the magenta of the ironweed, the viney and delicate morning glories and the periwinkle of the field asters.  Today as we walked, I felt like I was in Avatar land --literally hundred of
irridescent dragonflies accompanied us as we walked the path while the-last-of- summer butterflies danced from blossom to blossom on the ironweed. Truly magical.

There are few things that give me more joy than watching the dogs play on our walks. Mac's such a goofball....he's still limping a bit from an old injury, and subsequently isn't nearly as fast as MerryBelle, but he plods along a huge smile on his face.  I love to watch him run to me from a distance.  His ears flop up and down, he sorta sidewinds like Paco used to, and his face is filled with delight.  He just can't get enough of "stickplay ," but I've reduced the amount we play recently to see if I can get his shoulder back to normal.....I'm so in love with him. There's no one I'd rather sleep with than my Mackers!  Note in one of the photos that he's wearing some dung make-up...He feels quite studly after he rolls in poop....

MerryBelle's dainty, agile, graceful and fast!!  I'm more and more convinced that she has some Jack Russell or another line of terrier in her. She'll be great with agility if I can get her past a little hesitance about new things.  She and Mackers tumble around like Mac and Paco used to do.  Thankfully, they haven't had a
spat in a couple of weeks.  I've found that keeping food in their bowls and not going through a feeding ritual has neutralized both of their aggression completely.  (Plus, Mac does NOT want to get hammered by MB again....that's pretty obvious.) They've really become good friends.  In the morning when Mac and I go to get MB out of her crate, he kisses her sweetly, and she loves it.  She's responding to the clicker well and sits 100% of the time....the real truth
is that she loves treats.

Both Mackers and Loonis taunt the cats, especially the orange ones, fairly ruthlessly.  They don't hurt them, but the cats have about had enough of their antics and chasing.  For the first time, I saw Crooked Tail take a healthy swat at MB, who responded with a girlish squeal that made me laugh.  Her best cat friend is Shitly, who plops down on the ground and entices her to come play.  She pulls his tail and nips at him until he gets up, and then he rubs on her and she licks him.  It's interesting to me how each of the dogs has seemed to have his/her special kitty....Rufus & Clouseau, Paco & Bud, Mackers & Cato, and now
MerryBelle and Shitly. Of even greater interest is each cat's interaction with his/her special dog. Grumpy, particular, and peculiar Loonis still maintains that "no dog is a good dog."

MerryBelle's smile radiates her newfound happiness and acceptance at the farm. I do believe she's beginning to learn about trust and likes life in our pack. Still a bit awkward socially, she hestitates to fully let go of herself when she plays, but she's beginning to initiate some tossles and tumbles rather than stand back and watch. She's also a great lap dog who loves to sleep in the recliner with me while I read, grade papers or just relax.  Her only downside is that she lets go of some really, really rank farts.
Take a look at Mac's jaw, and you'll see how he loves to have poop plastered on his face - his version of dowsing on some Old Spice or whatever scent it is that guys wear now.  He's so proud when he finds some poop to roll in.  Coupled with MerryBelle's flatulence, the house sometimes takes on interesting aromas that most folks would find unbearable.  I haven't gotten used to the stinks; however, I can deal with it long enough to get MB outside and wash Mac's face with wipes.
Suffice to say, there's lots of canine energy to share at The Farm. These two are my companions, my source of joy, and my soul friends as we begin time alone again this fall.  No dull moments, that's for sure.

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