Sunday, September 25, 2011


I can't explain my recent obsession with old trucks and farm /road machinery other than to say I've got a thing for them....
Can't say why....
Can't say what's brought about
the attraction to abandonment and deterioration...

If I had to justify the reasons these old fellers charm my camera
and catch my fancy,
I suppose I'd argue
there's something about rust that redefines beauty -
Adds wrinkles to a once-polished chassis
And humility to a once powerful engine.
There's something about them I equate with solitude..
Left alone to oxidize in front of everyone and no one.

There's something about wondering who or what occupies the driver's seat now..
Snakes? Raccoons?  Possums?  Bugs that multiply by the thousands in nests
protected by carburators and radiators.
I'm afraid to poke my head in to see who has staked claim.

All I know is that they speak to me in the moment,
and I find myself driving the back roads looking for them -
truck-spotting along the way while birdwatching
and vice versa.

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