Saturday, June 27, 2009


1. The fields are mowed and baled, and the yard's looking pretty good.

2. The hummingbirds are emptying the feeders faster than the Farm Mom can keep up with them.

3. SUPER GOOD NEWS! Samuel and Harrison now have a place to live in DC. Today, they found an apartment owned by a British guy named Peter and his wife, who's from Iran and works at the Iranian Embassy. Estimated moving date for Samuel and Harrison: August 1

4. Joe arrives at The Farm on July 17th.

5. The Matney Gathering (Shook/Michael reunion) is a week from today!

6. Zucchinis have started to come in, and the broccoli keeps on producing. The collards, kale, and other greens are getting munched by the cabbage butterflies and their wormy babies.

7. There're lots of flowers in bloom. This year's stars are the lilies....

8. All's well with the world here.....


i am very mary said...

I must see you!

Story Lori said...

Lilies are my favorite.