Sunday, March 22, 2009


An annual tradition at Watauga High School (Boone, NC) along about this time of year - certainly associated with "the comin' of spring and the risin' sap"- was the annual Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. The theme had some connection with 'Lil Abner, and it was the one time each year when the young ladies got to ask the fellers to the Sadie Hawkins Day dance. On Sadie Hawkins Day, we all dressed up in our finest duds, as evidenced by this photo.

Here you see my cousin, Carol McNeely (who now resides in the DC area--a Ph.D, MD with a specialty in dermatology), yours truly, and my best friend, Betsy Randal (now lives in Raleigh, NC - a Ph.D in plant pathology who's now in Holland on a brief working assignment).

Can't say we have the original Daisy Mae look down pat, but it's obvious we "shore were havin' a good time!"

(Thanks to Richard Randall for this photo)


Story Lori said...

You look amazing! And you know what else...those fancy yarn ribbons in your hair were STILL in style when I was in elementary school! Or, they were in the Mid-Ohio Valley...

i am very mary said...

hee hee. You "shore is purty"!