Thursday, July 12, 2007

SUMMER OF 2007--So far....

This week marks the official half-way point of summer for me. In about 5 weeks, I'll return to work, a thought that produces waves of nausea and/or diarrhea if I think about it too much. So, I just won't think about it at all.

To catch up on all that's happened / happening around The Farm, we'll have to start in early June. I missed graduation at WSCC because I was in San Antonio doing my annual stint of work for the Educational Testing Service, grading AP Spanish exams. Along with 999 other graders, I sat for 8 hours every day for 8 days and listened to students respond to the oral portion of the test...Exhausting and deadening work, BUT I got to see my friends that I see once a year there, I went to the San Antonio Museum of Art to see a Botero exhibit, and I had some great food and libations. And, as one can discern from the picture, I danced the night away!

Two days of pretty useless in-servce awaited me at WSCC when I returned, and my summer away from school officially began thereafter. Since then, The Farm's been a busy place, and several people have come home - -

Craig and Kara Garrison and their children have spent the last two years in Thailand, where Craig and Kara have been involved in relief work and relocation efforts with people in Burma through PARTNERS . The Garrison clan is an amazing group, and their visit was fun, inspirational, and informative. They'll be returning to Thailand for another two years in August, and the love of The Farm travels with them. (Craig, Joe, and Bobbi were best friends in high school. Joe was here the evening Craig, Kara, and family visitied, so it was even more special for all of us. Eliza got to meet all these special folks as well.)

Brett was home for a week before taking off to do some trekking in northern India. From India, he returns to the States to meet up with Betsy, his fianceé. Before heading back to California to begin school in August, I think he has a couple of other trips planned, but at the moment I can't remember his itinerary. Anyway, notice that Betsy is now Brett's future wife. Their engagement is official, and from the sound of it, the actual proposal was a very sweet and wonderful moment. (Farm note: Since this photo was taken, Eliza summoned her courage and got her nose pierced.)

Shortly after Brett's visit, Eliza, Samuel, Joe, and I took off for the beach (see previous post). Here's another pic from our week in Avalon, NJ. I am behind the camera, of course, and Isabella was watching TV when this was taken.

Samuel's now returned to Boone, of course, and Joe's moved to Logan, Utah to begin a job there. It's a little lonely here without those two guys around.

In other Farm news, Tom J. and I have been working in the garden, battling the deer, possums, raccoons, rabbits and an abundance of weeds. Today, with thoughts of being nice to animals, I bought some Liquid Fence. I have no idea whether it will assist us in discouraging the critters or not, but if it doesn't, then we'll have to take other action. I hope the animals take me seriously when they read my blog! Despite critters, a severe drought, and hot temps, the garden is thriving, and yellow squash, zucchini, and tomatoes are starting to come in. YUMMY !! With sunflowers in bloom and squash in abundance, yellow is the color of the week.

In other Farm news, the house is taking on a new exterior. Before and after photos will follow in the next couple of weeks. Eliza and I will go to NC to visit Papa and Petie soon, and I will take off to Miami in August for 8 days.

For the moment, however, I'm off to cut down some branches around the barn and put out the liquid fence.

Stay tuned.......Namasté

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