Monday, July 30, 2007


Surprises abound around the farm, and it's not uncommon to come upon a snake, millipede, slug, coccoon, or other creature from time to time. Saturday's discovery while I was mowing was one of the neatest things I've stumbled upon in a while. Take a look. (I've seen this species here before, but it's been several years.)

The colors on this caterpillar were a brilliant, and the tiny little knobs and spikes along its back made for really interesting designs. I'm thinking this might morph into a Luna Moth. If it's another destructive muncher, I'll be bummed.

(By the way, the moth and butterfly population this summer is way down. I attribute that, in part, to the late spring freeze that wiped out most everything, except the beetles in my garden.)

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Mary Ann said...

Last night while I was sitting outside enjoying that gorgeous yellow moon, a gigantic luna moth fluttered right past me, then it made a giant u-trn, came back, and lit about 2 feet away. wow.