Tuesday, December 13, 2016


From the looks of things, it appears I've tied last year's lame record for a sum total of fewer than a dozen posts in twelve months, a miserable effort upon which I hope to improve come 2017. Since I'm retired, I have no excuse not to sit down and write occasionally; however, as I move deeper into the space of not working, I find I am not one to stick to a schedule of any sort.  Hence, good intentions often fall along the wayside.  So it is here at Farmlandia.

2016....What a year it's been! Wonderful in many, many ways. Filled with beautiful flowers, trips to Chicago, Florida, Vermont, Montreal, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and other neat places with family and good friends. It's been a year of good health and blessings for the core farm family (despite moments of reality checks and losses) , and there have been many a good visit and lots of laughter here. Everyone's thriving, including my mom, who just recently turned 98 years old!

We were all here for 24 hours (short time together, but I'll take it) on the evening of July 4th. Here's this year's photo of the kids. I'll have more once we all converge on Boone in a week or so.

Samuel was in from Chicago with his special girl, Caitlin, for an overnight in July.  Cait's a sweetheart, and likely one who'll join our family ranks in time if I'm reading the crystal ball / tea leaves correctly. Samuel's an associate editor at the Journal of the American Medical Association in Chicago; Cait works for DRW Trading as the company's event planner. Their happiness as a duo is contagious, and we all celebrate that. (Photo credit of those two goes to Harrison Fahrer.)

Likewise, Eliza's thriving with her fellow, Broderick (aka Beef). She moved to Burlington, VT, after finishing her MA degree at U-Cincinnati in August to begin her career as a cosmetic chemist (or formulation specialist, as her business card states.) with Twincraft Skincare, Inc. Beef's still in Cincinnati for the time being.  They manage to maintain a very functional and loving long-distance relationship between Ohio and Vermont.  I believe they're both wise souls who defy any notion of co-dependency.

As their mom, I am delighted with Samuel and Eliza's choices of significant others. I truly love Caitlin and Beef.

I'm into my second year of retirement and loving every minute of each day. The freedom to visit Mom once a month for a week or so and reconnect with friends in Boone, the ability to define my own schedule, and the joy of not having to work within a system that dictates one's life thrill me to no end. I do stay busy tending the flowers and critters at the farm, walking long distances several times a week, and putzing around the back acres. I laugh a lot and give huge thanks for all the blessings that flow my way from all directions. I play mah jong with an interesting group of women once a week, volunteer with the programming committee for the recently opened Peoples Bank Theatre, and chair the Esbenshade Series (an arts and humanities series) for Marietta College. I keep the knitting needles clicking, the paper vat sloshing with pulp (two shows for my work this year), and my camera poised for a perfect shot at any moment. One frequently finds me and the corgis out in the woods with my trusty binoculars, looking for whatever bird that's calling from a distant tree. I realize I spend more time with dogs than humans, so if I bark the next time I see you, don't be surprised. Mac, MerryBelle, and I are a tight pack.

Since I have been defriended and berated on Facebook by a small handful of the president-elect's supporters, I'll leave politics out of this post. Those who know me well will understand my very sincere concern about the current situation in our country, as well as my mantra that these days "complacency is NOT an option."

But most importantly, for all the friends and family who mean so much to me, I am extremely grateful.  I have no complaint about my life, and I hope I can share my delight in each day with all whom I so dearly love.

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays! Properous New Year!

May you thrive in joy and laughter!

Infinite love.....T.

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