Thursday, February 19, 2015

WINTER 2015 - OFF FROM WORK TODAY - 2/19/2015

It's been a typical black / white / grey (with dirty brown and pine-tree green  thrown in) winter here in the MOV.  There's nothing new about that, and in fact, one begins to expect colorless days in the valley beginning around Thanksgiving, if not a week of so before. A couple of days lately seemed to have been painted from a blue-ish palate, adding just a bit of variation to the otherwise monochromatic landscape. I'm happy to report, the sun is out at the moment; I counted 14 species of birds at the feeder a while ago. I'm sure they're delighted to much sunflower seed in the bright rays, even though it's cold as the dickens.

Today's classes are cancelled around the area because of the below zero temps, and I hear tomorrow morning we'll see the likes of -10 to -15.  Then with the thermometer soaring to slightly above freezing, rain and sleet will cover the snow for the next couple of days, and we'll really have a mess.  EERGGH!! I hear my dear Grandma Shook in the back of my mind, reminding me that "you cannot control the elements," so I might as well relax and sink in to the joys of solitude and stillness. I'm at home alone a lot!

The corgis LOVE the cold!  Their eagerness to get outside and roll in the snow inspire me to go out and play, even for just a few minutes at these temps. As I write this, MerryBelle's charging through the snow, plowing with her corgi nose and chasing the snow fluff she makes.  On days like this one, I'd like to have two layers of thick fur covering my body. My students got the "mom lecture" the other day about dressing for the weather (i.e.,  heavy socks and boots rather than tennis shoes with anklet socks...layers covering the chest rather than a t-shirt with a zipped-open hoodie, etc.) I reminded them that people will think they've lost considerable weight come spring since we all look 25 pounds heavier with tons of winter clothes on.) That notion seemed to resonate with the scantily clad goofball young adults! Even Buddha of the Field recalls Grandma Shook's wisdom and dons his winter snow cap to keep his head warm.

When I look around me and make a mental list of all the things I could accomplish today while I'm here at home, I come up with dozens of chores that merit my attention.  More than likely, however, I'll putz around the house, pick up some knitting, listen to music, and plan summer flower gardens in my mind. I find I excel in thinking a lot, accomplishing little on days like today.  And, I'm quickly arriving at the conclusion that thinking is an accomplishment in and of itself.

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