Sunday, November 09, 2014


It's been a while since I've visited my blog, I see.  Yesterday's walk, however, brought it back to mind as I took photo after photo of the various fungi the corgis and I discovered in the back woods. With Mac and MerryBelle choosing the path, we walked along the creek bed and took time to look around us for surprises.  Here's what we found:
Chicken of the Woods - edible, supposedly tastes like chicken, but everything from turtle meat to frog legs  supposedly tastes like chicken. 

Turkey Tail - greened by the moisture of the nearby creek

No idea, but if I hadn't slipped off this log, I wouldn't have seen this and a couple of other little clulsters.

 More Turkey Tails - the log where these grew was about 12' long, and they ran the distance from one end of the log to the other.

No idea what the official name of this mushroom is, but I love the underside more than the top. 
As we headed out of the woods, who should greet us but Black Cow, CEO of the local Corgi Cologne manufacturing plant.  You can see several employees of the factory on break in the background.  Both Mac and MerryBelle have tested their products and are urging me to buy stock in this fragrance.  I think, however, I'll invest elsewhere - most likely in doggie shampoo and a doggie hair dryer!

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