Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Every New Year's Day, I throw on my farm clothes and field boots and head out to check in with the land, always in gratitude for the sacred space which is "The Farm." It's as if I'm going on a visit to hang out with dear friends, for the pastures and woods, trees and stones, feathered and furry critters who surround me have heard my life story in great detail and accompanied me on  the journey of whom I have become today. The Farm knows me better than any human, for the Earth and all her inhabitants, my farm neighbors, have shared my greatest joys and provided solace in moments of despair.

Here are a few images from today's time outside.


The original farm house was built back in the 1890's or so.  The tax assessor lady now describes it as "modular/non-traditional" with its several additions and upgrades. I just call it home.
The barn's hanging in there.  I think that old structure knows that if it's ever financially feasible, I'll do my best to get it back in good shape.  Until then, I'm just happy it chooses to remain standing rather than collapse in the winter winds.
And the silo is still very sturdy, best serving the farm as a great place to drum and make music. A very primal place, especially when the wind howls outside while my flute creates vibrations around the small fire circle within.

If I were to map The Farm for a self-guided tour, I'd orient visitors to various places around by the "personalities" they'd encounter along the way, each of which define Farm personality. Ornery Cat protects the compost pile; Kwan Yin greets me in the side yard and Smiley Buddha keeps my garden beds in good spirits.

Smiley Buddha never has a bad day!
The clouds were spectacular today, and Mac, MerryBelle, and I enjoyed time back in the woods - always serious MerryBelle and always goofy, Mac.
A random list of Farm triva for the first day of 2014 includes:
a.  first bird heard in 2014 - the Carolina wren who practices her scales every morning down in the barn.
b.  first bird sighted in 2014 - chickadee at the feeder
c.  other sightings:  the farm Red-tailed hawk, LOTS of woodpeckers, crows, and blue jays
c.  day's activities - a long walk, SKYPE with Laida in Spain, late afternoon nap, thoughts about getting several things done, random contemplations about life in general with no particularly profound revelations
Wishing all a prosperous 2014 in every way.  Laughter recommended in healthy quantities every day!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics. Reminds me again to keep in touch with all that gives joy and sustenance. Love to you, Mabel

LAIDA said...

Beautifully said my friend. God bless your farm and your warm,positive disposition towards life...! The latter is a source of inspiration...It was wonderful speaking to you on the first day of the year !

Always my love,