Friday, November 11, 2011


"Metal Caster #1"

I have an abstract mind, and my eyes are drawn to abstract images in most everything I study closely. There photos are just a few of the random shots I've taken recently.  I'm playing around with altering them a bit, saturating colors, cropping for the image that satisfies my mind, and trying to focus on composition and forms.
With no formal training in art or design, I approach my photography with a bit of innocence and a total lack of study...and I like it that way, for now at least.  I am, however, open to the ideas and thoughts of those who have a skillfully trained eye and know art.  I am even more open to the thoughts of others who have no background in art, for I love innocent assessments, as well....In short....all comments welcome.
Blue Lines

Rusted Coil

The Driver's Seat

Early Evening Moon on Eliza's Birthday - 11/08/2011

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Beth said...

This is a great shot!

A. Bear said...

Really love the blue lines one tanya. Good stuff. I did a 30 days 30 photos thing about a year back where you choose one photo to post every day. I think you should start one. It was a lot of fun.