Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Lucy Buelow (2) has her own language and perky way of being.

When Jack Buelow (4) says, "Tanya, I love you," my heart melts.

Night blooming cereus has been the flower of the season. The only catch is that they open at night and are wilted by the morning, so to catch the open bloom, I have to sit outside and wait. I LOVE the way the buds form with the pink-ribboned spikes around them.

Classic Paco after an afternoon of play with Jack and Lucy.

Bud, in sphinx pose.

Peg Martin-McGuire, Tanya, Eliza, and Alexa, Peg's daughter on the morning of their departure to return to Regina, Saskatchewan. Two days of visiting with our girls was a very special time for two life-long friends.

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