Tuesday, May 25, 2010


For me, she'll always be the little girl who talked to fairies in the back woods, who was born with a passion for horses, who loved to play Little House on the Prairie paper dolls, who spent hours in her imagination as an animal trainer with Annie and Molly, who loved to play school, who chopped off one of her pigtails in a moment of daring curiosity, who used to run around the farm with no clothes, who was (and still is) absorbed by Harry Potter and his adventures......

I look at her now and marvel at her beauty, her grace, her creativity, and her resiliency. She's traveled between two houses for more than half of her life and done so with little complaint. She's been a leader in every activity in which she's been involved, and she's excelled as a student in advanced classes in school. She possesses a level of empathy that surpasses that of most adults when it comes to feeling for those less fortunate. She's respected by her peers and teachers alike, and she's wise beyond her years.

That's my Eliza Caroline.....18 years old, a soon-to-be graduate of Warren High School and future chemistry major at the University of Cincinnati. Congratulations dear one.....may you be forever blessed.....may you always be abundantly embraced by happiness and joy.....may you thrive in body, mind, and spirit and know my love for you is infinite and limitless!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly the light of my life!


Rocketed Awake said...

How incredibly lovely! Congratulations, Eliza! & Congratulations Tanya! :) Aloha!

Very Mary said...

What a magnificent post! I love you and I love E!