Tuesday, March 16, 2010


She's one intense cat! Look into those eyes, and there's no question about her mood at any given time.

She's grumpy! The best way to get real love from Loonis is to leave her alone - let her lie on your legs for hours without touching her. Even the most gentle stroke of love down her spine could quite possibly produce a hiss, spit, and smack with her left front paw. Yes, she's a southpaw.

She's beautiful! The fur on the bottom of her feet is the softest thing I've ever touched. She's so gray that she looks blue, and when she's combed (a difficult chore given her "friendly" moods), she's as regal as any cat alive.

Loonis is intelligent! One can see a very bright mind in her facial expressions and eyes.

And she's incredibly playful - on her own terms, of course. I've learned to watch out for my head as I walk downstairs, for Loonis hides and waits for me. When I least expect it, she jumps out from her hiding place and pounds me on the noggin, jumps up and scoots away. She's been known to run back and forth through the house chasing her imaginary mice friends, and Loonis likes to play fetch, especially when I'm at the computer.

Many mornings I wake up with the face in this picture about 1/4 " from my nose. If I ignore her, Loonis scoots up even closer and paws at me to rub her. If I do, I could likely get whammed. If I don't, I could likely get whammed.

That's Loonis...


Very Mary said...

I like a girl who knows what she wants. And what she doesn't. And when she doesn't, isn't afraid to smack someone.

Betsy said...

That is DEFINITELY one of the greatest cat pictures I have ever seen.