Saturday, January 09, 2010


The Farm Buddhas have no aversion to snow or cold temps. Take for example, this lovely Lowe's Garden Department Buddha, donning a snuggie of January snow and her snow ball top knot.

The sheepish grin on the TJ Maxx Buddha indicates he's aware he wins The Farm prize for best snow head gear.

Silhouetted in the snow, Lowe's Garden Shop Buddha #2 has gone for the "off the shoulder" look for this snowstorm.

And Cincinnati thrift shop Buddha who peacefully rests on Molly's place in the Earth is modeling the single icicle look until the temps rise.
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Story Lori said...

you are hysterical! i love you!

I Am Very Mary said...

The single icicle earring or the off-the-shoulder frock - I simply can't decide!