Friday, October 09, 2009


Cato demonstrates one of his favorite uses of recyling bin lids. Cato's a fan of direct afternoon sun.

Exhibit #2
Oscar prefers a comfy snooze on his back with porch railing shade.

Exhibit #3
Rufus likes to spread his wings, have the sweet aroma of a rawhide bone near his nose, and snooze comfortably with his eyes half open on his yoga mat.

Exhibit #4
Clouseau prefers the body shaping perch for his R & R.

Photos of Annie in her relaxation mode coming soon when I can catch her with my camera.....
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I Am Very Mary said...

tee hee!

Brett said...

We love it! I feel like I'm there. :) Beautiful sun today here too -- loving this October summer...

Betsy said...

This might be my favorite post ever. Every single photo is amazing. Of course, the Oscar shot is my favorite (Brett and I both have it on our backgrounds now) but the white boys could easily star in their own calendar...

Thanks for sharing!