Sunday, April 26, 2009


You never know what the weather's going to do in the mountains, but this weekend, it's been glorious. As I write this, Mom's on her way to spend the day with Grandma and Aunt Audrey over at Pigeon Roost, and I've had a little time here at her house to knit and play the piano a bit. My fingers are so uncoordinated it's pitiful, but I can still get through most of the old songs I used to play for Daddy.

Spring's not in its fullest awakening here yet...Last week there was a light snow, so it's just about time for the trillium to pop through and the bloodroot to open up into bloom. I am struck by the purity of the air and the cleanliness of the Earth. Mountain folks take care of the land, that's for sure.

Last evening, Samuel and I went with Mom to the Distinguished Alumni Banquet at Appalachian, and when Mom was introduced, people stood and clapped. She had a great time, and I love the fact that she's so beloved by all. A lot of old timers stopped to remind her how she swabbed their throats, took care of them during the flu epidemic and delivered their babies. (!) I was so proud of her and so, so happy she had a good evening.

This afternoon I'll head over to see Grandma and clean up the cementary a bit. I hope to find the patch of red trillium in the rhododendron thicket down below the spring and the bloodroot that used to bloom among the galax on the path to the barn. There is great security for me in knowing my secret places in the woods around Grandma's house still know the secrets I shared with the squirrels, birds, and plants there years ago.

It's been a great trip home.....When I'm here I can see myself returning to the mountains in time...It really is here where every cell in my body finds peace and senses deep, deep love.

Off to take a walk.....

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Anonymous said...

One day you will return
to the mountains
to the start of your arc
to know peace in the thoughts of nature
and the peace of coming full circle