Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ninety years ago yesterday (December 10, 1918), my mom was born to Robert Louis and Bertha Eliza (Sloop) Stevenson. In honor of the day, my sister and I came to Boone to be with her. Over the course of the day, Petie received over 25 phone calls, scads of birthday cards, 6 or 7 floral bouquets, and several visits from friends and family.

It's been a bittersweet year for Mom. When Daddy passed away in March, she was by his side and since then has adjusted to life without her beloved Zeb. Her devotion to family now leads her to spend every Sunday caring for Grandma Ruth (age 106, 11 months), and she keeps all sorts of goodies in the pantry for Samuel (who stops in to visit her regularly).

To this day, people all over town call her to get her opinion on their illnesses or seek her advice. Mom's an angel on earth, a woman whose faith sustains her every day and whose love touches the lives of all who know her.

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