Wednesday, November 19, 2008


(Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love)

I suppose years of being surrounded by people who create high thoughts rather than injurious ones have distanced me from the sad reality that many people waste a lot of time in useless, judgmental, paranoic speculation about others. These sorrowful folks tend to believe the most outrageous tidbits that come their way, and very sadly, they exacerbate and add to ridiculous, unfair, hurtful misinformation and suppositions about others. It's a useless proposition to ponder if these folks will evolve into greater spiritual awareness; however, I often wonder just how much any given collective could produce in a healthy, thriving way if those involved in rampant, useless, and petty "poop" would transmute their negativity into an energy based in respect and productivity. Hmmmmmmmm.......

I have a wonderful book titled The Book of Intentions I refer to frequently when trivial, non-productive crap is thrown my way. I reference it now, as I write my intentions for today, November 19, 2008. (The sweet writing of Thich Nhat Hahn and the wisdom of Marianne Williamson are woven into these thoughts.)

I intend to remove my mind from the tendency to jump to conclusions about others.

I intend to remove my mind from the tendency to react to the misconceptions and erroneous conclusions of others.

I intend to remove my mind from the tendency to blame.

I intend to stand in my power, through love rather than fear and peace rather than reaction.

I intend to speak only in the voice of love.

I intend to do no harm through my words or actions.

I intend to cleanse my thoughts of negativity.

I intend to direct my thoughts toward compassion and forgiveness.

I intend to associate with only those people whose words and actions reflect goodness toward others.

So may it be. Namasté


i am very mary said...

And I intend to live my life in such a way that people need not speculate about my intentiobs.

Story Lori said...

oh tanya, do call me when you get the chance...