Monday, September 15, 2008


One would think that after 32 years of teaching, I'd be able to sleep the night before school starts. But, oh no! The same excitement and fear of oversleeping that have woken me up anywhere between 3 - 5 AM the night before classes start struck again last evening, and I didn't sleep any after 4:35 AM. As a result, I've been in front of classes one day, and I'm already exhausted! How much longer can I do this?

My classes, thank goodness, are small, and my initial gut feeling is that my students are relatively conscientious and bright. Those who had to be in class at 8AM today had a pretty sonambulous look on their faces, but once their caffeine kicked in, they seemed to rally a bit. I, of course, was working on automatic pilot. "Hola...My name is Señora Wilder...Bienvenidos a la clase de español...It's going to be a GGRREEAT quarter, etc."

Once I get back into the routine of my schedule, I'll be fine, but for now, my heart tells me to get outside, and my body says 6:30 AM is way to early to get up.


i am very mary said...

At least I stroll in around 10. Snort.

Brett said...

Betsy and I experienced the same thing last night! Well, we weren't up that early -- but the mix of nerves and excitement -- very familiar.

Our kids are FANTASTIC -- so enthusiastic about learning and being at ACS. What a pleasure.

Meera said...

Ah, I can only imagine... but you'll get back into it! And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a good one... was so great to see you a few weeks ago! Love, Meera

lori said...

I love you, Tanya.