Saturday, March 24, 2007


After almost a week of being away, I'm home, surveying The Farm and making my lists of things I see that 1) must get done, 2) need to get done, and 3) I want to get done. Each is a fairly lengthy compilation, and no doubt some of the chores will reappear on my lists of lists for some time!

I've just returned from 4 days in North Carolina with Papa and Petie where I did little more than hang out with them, knit, and read. Samuel and I connected daily, and it inspires and excites me to see him now, readying for his senior year in college, preparing to move into his first house, and looking forward to a summer in Boone. Petie and I took an afternoon ride to see Grandma Shook, and as the photo clearly shows, Miss Ruth can still conjure up that impish smile that lets me know she's much more on top of things than most people think. As I hold her hand and feel her strength, I ask her to share her wisdom with me. Consistently when I send her that specific thought, she looks up and me and gives me the smile. It doesn't take words for us to communicate.

Inside the house here at The Farm, three orchids are still in bloom, and the last amaryllis blossom is fading quickly. Outside, however, I find patches of purple crocuses, a few daffodils beginning to open up, and some little starburst-like flowers in bloom in the bed by the driveway.

Yesterday, in my spring eagerness, Tom and I went to the feed store to get our onion and 'tater sets only to find we were ahead of the game. Soooo, I have to wait another week. At first I was bummed, but if the sun comes out, it'll give me time to get the beds ready to plant! In fact, in just a few moments, I'm off to turn the compost. Yippee! Seriously, YIPPEE!!! I'm stoked. I get high when I toss the rich composted earth on my flower and veggie beds!

Classes begin in two days, but for now, my mind is totally focused on the outside world. The redwing blackbirds have returned, the grackles have made their presence known, tiny little bunnies peak at me from under the brush out the driveway, and the dogs are already scratching at their spring fleas. I feel so grateful fto be home today.

(I'll think about school later! Or not!!)


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