Sunday, May 07, 2006


He calls to say, "Soup's on. Come on over."
He laughs with me over really silly things that others don't get.
He likes to garden and can.
He's a great cook.
He likes killed lettuce, beans, "taters," and some good cornbread.
He understands the need to season things with bacon grease. :0)
He understands mountain talk, and he knows mountain ways.

He takes the time to go watch Eliza's softball games on days I can't make it.
He loves the farm animals, and they love him.
He takes care of the farm when I'm away.
He surprises me with flowers and cards.
He listens to me blubber on the phone when life gets crazy.
He gives sound, good, loving advice.
He always says, "Love ya!" whenever we are about to hang up on the phone or head in different directions.

He's the brother I never had.

He's one of my very best and closest friends.

He's one of the few people in whom I place total trust and confidence.

He is a genuine, real, good, loving person in every way....He's goodness personified.

I love him..

He's Tom Jackson, a.k.a. "Will" of the Appalachian Will and Grace duo, and ...

it's my priviledge to be " Grace...."


Anonymous said...

¡QuĂ© triplepapito! ¿Me lo presentas?

MariettaRomantic said...

No, "Grace", it is MY privilege to be "your Will". Your friendship and love have enriched my life in innumerable ways. Your total acceptance of me, in all my quirky ways, and through all of my "processes" is astounding. Your friendship, love, acceptance, support, and advice mean the world to me. Thank you ever so much!

Anonymous said...

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